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Kwadwo Addeah Prempeh

A swindler from Ghana

Police in Ghana is looking for swindler Kwadwo Addeah Prempeh — 9 October 2019

Police in Ghana is looking for swindler Kwadwo Addeah Prempeh

The police in Ghana is looking for Kwadwo Addeah Prempeh, who swindled a teacher of the Golden Sunbeam International School in Accra for GHS 21,000, and is currently on the run.

Prempeh lured the school teacher into paying him this amount for a non-existing schooling course in the Netherlands and a (failed) visa application process. Her full story is described in this article.

On July 17, 2019 she petitioned the Criminal Investigation Department of the Ghana Police Service in Accra for assistance. Her report was supported by the Dutch ambassador to Ghana, Ron Strikker, who also called on the police to act because Prempeh duped two accommodations in the Netherlands earlier this year. These accommodations filed a report with the Dutch police, as a consequence of which Prempeh now also faces criminal persecution in the Netherlands.

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How Kwadwo Addeah Prempeh stole a school teacher’s entire life savings — 4 October 2019

How Kwadwo Addeah Prempeh stole a school teacher’s entire life savings

In Spring 2019 Kwadwo Addeah Prempeh swindled a Ghanaian school teacher for 21,000 Cedi (4,200 US Dollar). As this was her entire life savings, it landed her in financial distress and depression. In this criminal act he abused the Ghana Library Authority, the Dutch Embassador to Ghana and Dutch NGO Quest For Wisdom Foundation. This is our reconstruction of what happened.

In late 2018 and early 2019 Kwadwo Addeah Prempeh lived in the Bijlmer area of Amsterdam. The neighborhood hosts a large Ghanaian migrant community. Why he moved there is unclear, though it could be related to his application at the University of Amsterdam. In this period he volunteered with two organizations, Burennetwerk and the Vrijwilligers Centrale Amsterdam, for small unpaid jobs. This landed him with a Dutch NGO, the Quest For Wisdom Foundation in Weesp, near Amsterdam.

This organization holds an official cultural charity status and is led by philosopher Heidi Muijen. It aims to “stimulate intercultural learning and diversity as a way to gain wisdom.” Impressed by Addeah’s gentle and thoughtful appearance, and without any background checks, the board members of this foundation immediately invited him to contribute articles to their website Wijsheidsweb, articles that Muijen also quoted in a contribution for scientific magazine Civis Mundi.

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