The police in Ghana is looking for Kwadwo Addeah Prempeh, who swindled a teacher of the Golden Sunbeam International School in Accra for GHS 21,000, and is currently on the run.

Prempeh lured the school teacher into paying him this amount for a non-existing schooling course in the Netherlands and a (failed) visa application process. Her full story is described in this article.

On July 17, 2019 she petitioned the Criminal Investigation Department of the Ghana Police Service in Accra for assistance. Her report was supported by the Dutch ambassador to Ghana, Ron Strikker, who also called on the police to act because Prempeh duped two accommodations in the Netherlands earlier this year. These accommodations filed a report with the Dutch police, as a consequence of which Prempeh now also faces criminal persecution in the Netherlands.

As proof of the procedure in Ghana we submit a picture of the victim’s letter to the Director General of the CID:

For privacy reasons personal details of the victim have been blacked-out.

Is Kwadwo Addeah Prempeh armed?

A police source said Prempeh applied for a permit to bear a gun in 2014. Although the permit issued by the Ghana Police Service for a Mossberg 500 12 calibre Pump Action Shot Gun had a limited validity, he might still be armed.