People who meet Kwadwo Addeah Prempeh for the first time, encounter him as friendly and modest. As long as he is pleased and served, that image sticks. But when he’s being confronted about his lies and kept accountable for his misconduct, his character and communication changes. He becomes accusatory, offensive and blatantly racist and sexist.

To help our investigation, the Dutch accommodation owners who hosted Addeah Prempeh, provided their full correspondence with him. This is an interesting read in itself as it illustrates his double-faced character.

When confronted with unpleasant facts, the Ghanaian swindler, as a defense mechanism, creates a lot of ‘noise’. He takes on a victim role, acting as if the whole world is against him. The people he duped are turned into the offenders. They are the ones who treated this humble and honest man from Africa so unfairly. Addeah Prempeh does not take any responsibility for his own behaviour.

He quotes and seeks support from authority figures, such as the police, the dean of the university, ambassadors, his bankers, alleged ‘lawyers’ he doesn’t really have, or important people in his own country, even up to Ghanaian President Nana Akufo-Addo.

When fact-checked his statements turn out to be plain lies. These authority figures often don’t even know that they’re being quoted and used to intimidate his victims.

We quote two examples from his correspondence:

“I’ve already reported the case to the Netherlands Embassy in my country and the Ghana embassy in Netherlands as well. Also, my bankers will send you the huge transfer reversal cost that I had to pay.” (April 30)

Here we see his tactics at work. He threatens and intimidates his victims by quoting people or institutions of authority. We checked these claims with the mentioned embassies and they had not been contacted by Addeah. We also contacted his bank and it turned out he never initiated the promised transfer, so obviously there were no transfer reversal costs either.

“I was hospitalized for nearly a week for lung infection because I was exposed too much to the cold weather that night when you and your husband decided to lock me out of the house. I had no inner protective clothes. A nurse asked in solidarity, who are these people? And where’s their sympathy? Thanks to you and your husband if this infection should kill me.” (May 15)

We verified this with the local hospital and they stated that he never was hospitalized. His house mates confirmed that he was home almost every day and certainly not in the hospital for a week, nor suffering from a lung infection. His e-mails are dense with these kind of false statements and unfounded accusations.

It’s also remarkable that Addeah Prempeh accuses his Dutch hosts of racism, while they received him with openness and trust, offering him hospitality and care. In his correspondence he becomes blatantly racist himself. We quote:

“You claim to be superior enough to come to Africa for bogus missionary work. Africans have now become wiser okay. […] You and your monkey looking wife should never try and even dream on stepping on African soil. You wait and see what is coming on you. Kwasiafuo [from the Ghanian language of twi meaning a fool, an idiot, someone who has less brain cells than a cabbage]. Karma will catch you soon. Liars, thieves, cheats and white bastards.” (July 6)

“Criminals and useless white people. You think your stupid colonial people could come to steal our gold and natural resources and raped our women so you can do the same. […] My country’s police is coming for you.” (July 7)

This kind of racism is also expressed by the so-called ‘Yahoo Boys’, young scammers from Ghana who lure elderly single women from North America and Europe into a romantic relationship with the purpose to strip them financially. In a recently broadcasted documentary one these boys explains that it’s OK to swindle white people, because that’s fair payback for the slavery and colonialism of the past. Addeah seems to tap into this sentiment.

In his correspondence he also throws more personal insults at his hosts:

“An African child is not trained to insult elders but I think I’ll be forgiven for making an exception with you. I think you and your husband are two weird psychopaths.” (June 5)

“You’re just a foolish and useless man with such a nasty wife. I had a very fruitful meeting with the Netherlands Embassy and the Ghana police today concerning your stupidity.” (July 8)

He also comes with sexist insinuations:

“I’m back in the Netherlands now, you asshole. You and your monkey face asshole wife now have me to deal with. You can do those stupid shit things to some innocent white girls because they refused you sex, but certainly not to me. Foolish fool like you. You’re going to see your end in court soon. […] Kwasiafuo whiteman shit.” (July 12)

Interestingly his hosts are strict and keep him accountable, but stay decent in their communication. They don’t respond in the same spirit.

Addeah Prempeh also expresses that he is not happy with this investigative website:

“This is to inform you that the Ghana police has taken notice of your falsehood posts on WordPress and the appropriate actions will be taken accordingly. Including the necessary steps to bring a full legal action against you and ultimate closure to this nonsense.” (July 12)

We’re not impressed by this. It illustrates what kind of person we’re dealing with, and we are committed to fully expose him for the conman he is, based on thorough research and journalistic fact-checking. So that this bully will be stopped and not make more victims.