In May and June 2019 Kwadwo Addeah Prempeh deceived the main tenants of a student apartment in Wageningen, The Netherlands. The owners provided an account of what happened. Remarkable detail: before he left he urinated in their living room.

After the problems Addeah Prempeh caused in an accommodation in Ede, he moved on to a student house in Wageningen, where one of the residents had offered his room as a sublet on Facebook. The main tenants agreed with him that he would pay the rent within three days, but despite several reminders Addeah never paid his rent. He played out the same scam as in Ede: postponing payment of the rent, pretending ‘banking problems’, and enjoying a free ride.

When his hosts became suspicious, pressured him to pay, and called for a meeting, he left the property overnight on June 18, after he stole € 90 out of a jacket and urinated on the couch and carpet in their living room.

One week later, on June 26, the main tenants sent him the following summons letter:

“Dear Kwadwo Addeah-Prempeh,

Based on our conversations over Whatsapp messenger the 3rd and 4th of May in the groupchat of our shared student appartment, we have provided you with a room in our shared student house on [address withheld for privacy reasons] in Wageningen, The Netherlands. On the 4th of May, we agreed that you would pay 650 euros rent on the 7th of May at latest. However, in our conversations over Whatsapp messenger between the the 14th of May and the 30th of May, you have multiple times mentioned that your payment was delayed which we have accepted under the notion that you would complete the payment. However, the 6th of June we have asked you to pay the amount due within one week, so at latest the 13th of June.

Up to this moment, you have not kept your part of the agreement to pay 650 euros before the 13th of June and as such didn’t pay for your stay in my room. 
Also, you left the room without giving any prior notice. In addition, you have stolen 90 euros that belonged to the house and have urinated over the furniture in our living room which has caused damage to the furniture and the floor. The outstanding rent is 650 euros, the costs of the theft is 90 euros, and the cost of the damage is 200 euros, totaling 940 euros.

This is a formal summons letter. From today on, you have 16 days to fully pay what you owe me, ending on the 10th of July. 

If you don’t comply, we will charge you with the legal collection costs of 141 euros. The bill will be handed to a collection agency. If you don’t settle the bill in full in time, we will also file an official report with the Dutch national police for the theft and damage to our property.

Kind regards,

[Names withheld for privacy reasons]”

We spoke to the owners of this apartment in person and also visited the location in Wageningen to verifiy the facts. We have pictures and correspondence in our possession that proof that Kwadwo Addeah Prempeh stayed on this address. It was impossible to miss the strong stench caused by his urine on the couch and carpet in the living room.

The question is of course why Addeah damaged his host’s property before he left. It looks like an act of revenge and utter contempt, as he was extremely frustrated and suspected that he could be caught. But there’s also an underlying current of racism, a deeply felt hatred towards white people. This is illustrated in a separate article.

After Addeah left, the owners received multiple accusatory e-mails and whatsapp messages from him in which he tried to turn the situation around. Similar to what happened in Ede.

The owners filed an official report with the police for scamming, theft, vandalism and slander.


We received two reports from hotels who also have been duped by Kwadwo Addeah Prempeh. At one hotel he made a reservation, but didn’t show up. His creditcard appeared to be invalid and could not be charged, while his phone number was unreachable. Another hotel sent him an invoice for his stay, which he never paid.